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Enterprise Business Continuity Program

East West Bank (EWB) maintains a corporate wide "Business Continuity Program" ("Program") for contingency planning and disaster recovery from various scenarios. The purpose of this statement is to disclose to customers and our business partners how EWB will respond to the possibility of future significant business disruptions of various durations. The primary objective of EWB's Program is to ensure the safety and well-being of our associates and customers, and the continuity of operations in the event of an unplanned business interruption. The Program is structured to address a variety of potential outages, related risks, and mitigating actions and controls.

EWB has an Incident Response process that provides for escalation and management of the event, including internal and external crisis communications. During an emergency, the bank may activate an Emergency Operations Center, and Business Recovery Alternate Work Areas. Critical operations personnel will be relocated to these areas during an emergency. EWB has two geographically separate data centers which are tested regularly. Critical applications are also replicated at these data centers.

Business continuity plans are exercised to demonstrate EWB's ability to continue operations with our clients, business partners, and internal staff in the event of a business disruption. These exercises, which include recovery of the infrastructure and critical applications, and are conducted no less than once every twelve months. All plans are maintained on an on-going basis.

As a regulated organization, all components of the Program, as well as the planning and outcome of continuity exercises, are reviewed and validated at least annually by EWB's Board of Directors, the Audit Committee of the Board, and the bank regulators for both the United States and China/Hong Kong operations.


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