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Foreign Currency

If you are traveling abroad, having foreign currency cash with you provides flexibility for things like tips, taxis, and other everyday expenses where credit cards may not be accepted. Rather than wait in line at expensive airport currency exchange businesses, let East West Bank provide you with your foreign currency cash before your travels. Our foreign currency exchange service is available nationwide at all our branch locations.


We Offer

  • Competitive exchange rates
  • 60+ currencies available for purchase or sale
  • Many currencies available for immediate pick up at your local branch (inquire within)

Note: East West Bank will purchase back any remaining foreign currency cash upon your return. The purchased currency will be subject to conversion at the prevailing exchange rate of the day.


This service is available at all East West Bank branches. A service fee applies. Some transactions may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

Visit your local branch for details.

Foreign Currency Accounts

We offer foreign currency accounts in various denominations to meet your international lifestyle. Whether you are looking to diversify your investments or just looking to keep funds for upcoming travels, opening a foreign currency account may be the right solution for you.

Our Foreign Currency Demand Account and Foreign Currency Certificates of Deposit (FXCD) allow you to make and receive payments or hold balances in several of the most commonly traded foreign currencies. An FXCD can also provide higher yields on your investment, offering asset diversification advantages. All foreign currency accounts are held in the United States and are insured by the FDIC.*

Currencies Offered

Asia Pacific

Chinese Renminbi - CNH

Australian Dollar - AUD

New Zealand Dollar - NZD

Hong Kong Dollar - HKD**

Singapore Dollar - SGD**

Japanese Yen - JPY**


British Pound - GBP

Euro - EUR**

Swedish Krona - SEK**

Swiss Franc - CHF**

Hungarian Forint - HUF

Denmark Kroner - DKK


Canadian Dollar - CAD

Mexican Peso - MXN


**Foreign Currency Certificates of Deposit (FXCD) is not available in these currencies.

Personal Wire Transfer

We make transferring or receiving money internationally safe, quick, and easy. Funds can be sent in over 40 different foreign currencies around the world, making it convenient for both you and your recipient.

You can now send international wire transfers from our Mobile App. Click here to learn more.


China Remittance

There is no better choice than our China Remittance service when you need to move money quickly and safely from the U.S. to China. We are a fully licensed bank in China with several branches throughout the country, ensuring your payment process is simple, efficient, and reliable.

For detailed information and fees, please visit your local branch, or call the Customer Service Center at 888.895.5650. Our friendly, experienced bankers look forward to helping you.


*Foreign currency exchange available to East West Bank customers who have held an account for over six months. For transactions under $300 USD, standard fees apply. Offer ends 12/31/23. Some transactions may be subject to additional terms and conditions. Currency orders are available for pick-up the next business day if ordered by 3pm local time, excluding weekends and holidays.


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