Prepaid Cards

UnionPay Prepaid Card

Travel in style with one of the most popular payment options in China.

With the UnionPay Prepaid Card from East West Bank, you’ll enjoy unparalleled convenience in making payments while traveling internationally, especially in Asia. Use the card for a stay at the Mandarin Oriental in Shanghai, a quick dim sum meal in Hong Kong, or souvenirs at Beijing’s Forbidden City. Wherever your travels take you, your UnionPay Prepaid Card will be the right choice for fast and easy payment.

Key Benefits of the East West Bank UnionPay Prepaid Card

  • Enjoy nearly 100% acceptance in China 
  • View your balance, load funds, and manage your profile with the EWBridgePayTM mobile app1
  • Withdraw cash from any ATM in China2
  • Use your prepaid card in the U.S. where Discover® and NYCE® are accepted


Current or Previous Customers

If you have, or previously had, an account with East West Bank, please call our application hotline at 833.468.8356.  You may also visit your local East West Bank branch.

If you have questions about your application or are unsure if you’re a previous customer, please call 833.468.8356.


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