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Starting with a simple mission

We first opened our doors in 1973 with a simple mission—to serve the financial needs of Chinese Americans in Los Angeles, who were often overlooked by mainstream banks. As the first federally-chartered savings institution focused on this community, we were the home for people undermined by discrimination and bias. For 50 years, we’ve taken an active role in uplifting our communities and grown along with them. 

A college-age student smiles as he listens to a lecture.

Expanding our reach and service

Today, we’re the largest independent bank headquartered in Southern California, with more than 120 locations throughout the US and Asia. With the same focus on building financial and cultural bridges, we help mainstream commercial clients connect to new opportunities and continue to expand our global network to meet our customers’ diverse financial needs in both the East and West.

20 plus years on Nasdaq. 50 Years in operations. 120 plus Locations in the US and China. 3000 plus Dedicated associates.

Bank Director No.2 Performing Bank in the US

BankDirector Ranking

Bank Director ranked East West Bank #2 on their 2022 Bank Performance Scorecard ($50 billion and above asset category) and also recognized us for having the Best Board in 2022. 

Growing careers

We build bridges of opportunity for every community we serve, including our associates. Helping our clients reach further leads to careers that help you reach further.


Building communities

Our community development programs focus on the most pressing needs of the communities we serve: quality of life, small business growth, financial literacy, and diversity and inclusion.

Community Programs 

Demonstrating leadership

Our senior management and board of directors have been recognized for their diversity, commitment to inclusion and financial stewardship of the bank.

Officers and Directors