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Features Comparison

  Business Express business Bridge® Premier
  Micro-Small Business
Designed for sole proprietor and small businesses1.
Small-Large Corporations
Suitable for businesses that have a high number of transactions every month.
View Account Balance and Activity
yes yes
Stop Payment
(Single, Range, Cancel)
yes yes
eStatement yes yes
View CD on Dashboard yes yes
Remote Check Deposit yes
Mobile Check Deposit
Single Sign-on to depositBridge® Plus
View Images of Checks and Deposited Items yes yes
Bill Pay yes yes
Transfer Funds Between Internal Accounts yes yes
Book Wire
(Internal EWB Wire)
yes yes
ACH Transfers to External Accounts yes
Wire Transfers
(Domestic, International and Foreign Currency)
yes yes
Zelle® for your Small Business4
yes no
Payment Approvals / Limits no yes
Scheduled Transfers yes yes
Tax Payments no yes
QuickBooks Integration no no
Data Export to CSV / QuickBooks yes yes
Language Selection yes yes
Personalized Alerts yes yes
Security/Entitlement Controls yes
Help Chat yes no
  1. Business customers with Elite & Suite Business Checking and other analyzed accounts are not eligible for BusinessExpress. Customers with these account types should refer to our businessBridge® Premier platform.
  2. ACH Batch Origination not available.
  3. User Managed Access Limited to Account Signers. No Segregation of Duties. Equal Account Access.
  4. Zelle® and the Zelle® related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

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