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With our Instant Verification service, you can instantly and securely connect your East West Bank account to your consumer account at another U.S. Financial Institution. You’ll be able to start transferring funds immediately by following just a few easy steps.

Verify your identity by entering the login credentials you use to access your other bank’s online banking platform. After successfully entering your login credentials, you’ll be prompted to select the account that you’d like to link for transfer purposes. If you’d like to link more than one account, you can repeat the verification process again. 

After your external bank account has been linked, you’ll be able to use our Online Banking and Mobile app to immediately transfer funds from your linked account to your qualifying East West Bank account. 

Please note, our Instant Verification service is supported by Plaid, a third-party service provider. To learn more about how Plaid uses, protects and encrypts information, you can review their Privacy Policy when you access the service. 

We do not charge any fees for receiving funds via ACH.

Typically, funds transferred via ACH pull will be received in 3 business days.

Transfer Limits:

Inbound ACH Daily (24-hour) limit is $10,000.

Inbound ACH Rolling 30-Day limit is $20,000.

Note:  To learn more, click the Transfer limits and cutoff times apply link in the mobile app or Online Banking.

Although our Instant Verification service can be used to verify accounts at over 1,100 U.S. Financial Institutions, there are some U.S. Financial Institutions that are not supported.   

If your other U.S. bank is currently not supported, check the Instant Verification service periodically as they could be added in the future.

Instant Verification currently only supports the linking of a Checking, Savings, or Money Market account.  All other account types will not be shown or selectable.

Currently, we only support linking one external bank account per session. If you want to link additional accounts, simply repeat the same Instant Verification process for each account.

As part of the identity verification process for Instant Verification, we do compare the First and Last Name, and Mobile Phone Number we have on record for you to the information provided by your other U.S. financial institution.

If the information is not a match, then you may encounter an identity check error.

In this case, you should contact your other U.S. Financial Institution to ensure that your name and mobile number on record are the same as what you have on record with us. 

Please note, differences such as a missing hyphen or a shortened version of a name (i.e., Mike vs. Michael) can result in a mismatch error.

If your account is jointly owned, transactions initiated by any one of the account owners will be reflected on both the pending and posted transaction activity.

If you have a question on a specific transaction, or believe that a transaction is unauthorized, you should immediately contact your branch office or our Customer Support team for assistance.