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We combine the strength, security and services of a large global institution with the personal attention of a local bank to handle the most complex and technical escrow services.


Fields of Expertise

  • Purchase Sale Agreement Escrow
  • Indemnification Escrow
  • Subscription/Fund Escrow
  • Dissolution of Assets Escrow
  • M & A Escrow
  • Disbursement Fund Control Escrow
  • Mutual Benefitting Party Escrow
  • Qualified Settlement Escrow
  • Real Estate Rent Escrow
  • VC Investment Escrow
  • Opportunity Zone Escrow
  • Bulk Sale Transfer Escrow
  • Contractor Retention Escrow

Our Solutions

  • Experienced bankers with knowledge of the specific technical and legal requirements of third party financial escrows.
  • Dedicated escrow support team providing a private banking level of service
  • Customized Reporting of daily incoming/outgoing transactions
  • Online view only capabilities of daily transactions
  • Additional FDIC Insurance coverage*
  • Trigger event management with automated notifications
  • API connection capabilities along with customized data delivery
  • Online and ACH payment options available

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* All rates, terms and products are subject to change or discontinue without prior notice. Other terms and restrictions may apply. All loan applications are subject to credit review and evaluation.