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Planting Seeds for a Better Tomorrow

APRIL 13, 2024

In honor of Earth month, our SoCal associates partnered with Food ED, a nonprofit that collaborates with San Gabriel Valley communities and schools to learn about environmental stewardship, eco-justice, and healthy living practices through gardening, to lay the foundations for a community garden at Temple City High School.

Equipped with gardening gloves, our volunteers spent the morning pulling weeds, sifting compost, planting native plants, trees and spreading over 20 pounds of mulch. This impactful project goes beyond the creation of a mere community garden. Located near the building for visually impaired students, the garden will be integrated into their curriculum to gain insights into food sustainability while also providing a unique learning environment where they can engage with various plants through scent exploration.

Thank you to our volunteers who spent their Saturday morning investing in our local communities to build the foundation and plant the seeds for a brighter future.