US-China Business

Now Is the Right Time to Invest in China, Not Withdraw

East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng says recent reforms have improved market access for US companies in China, and should be addressed in US-China negotiations.

By Dominic Ng 
Nov. 26, 2018

US-China Business

Do Not Turn Trade into Investment Wars

East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng cautions the US against escalating its economic war with China at its own peril.

By Dominic Ng 
Jul. 05, 2018

US-China Business

Businesses Must Act Now to Get US-China Relations Back on Track

In the midst of trade negotiations, East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng calls on both countries to strike a “new deal.”

By Dominic Ng 
May 10, 2018

US-China Business

Dominic’s Take: How Americans Can Benefit from Chinese Innovation

East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng says it would be a mistake for the US to shut the door to Chinese technology.

By Dominic Ng 
Feb. 12, 2018

US-China Business

How Hollywood Can Still Capitalize on the Chinese Market

East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng pinpoints future opportunities for Hollywood-China cooperation.

By Dominic Ng 
Oct. 30, 2017

US-China Business

Realistic Steps to Get US-China Trade Back on Track

East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng outlines common sense steps both countries need to take now.

By Dominic Ng 
Sep. 11, 2017

US-China Business

Preventing a US-China Trade War

East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng says the time is ripe to negotiate, not alienate.

By Dominic Ng 
Aug. 21, 2017

US-China Business

Busting US-China Trade Deficit Myths

East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng sets things straight on trade figures that he calls outdated.

By Dominic Ng 
Jul. 06, 2017

Entrepreneur Insight

The Art of Success: Eli Broad and Dominic Ng in Conversation

Two leaders of business and philanthropy talk about success, friendship, and art at the Broad.

By Daisy Lin 
Jun. 01, 2017


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