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Hang & Eat: Must Eats in Maui, a Romantic Food Paradise

When traveling to Maui, Hawaii, don’t miss out on the best and most authentic places to eat.

By Kristie Hang 
Oct. 23, 2019

East West Lifestyle

Hang & Eat: Cantonese Barbecue Packs Flavor with Quality Ingredients

Organic Cantonese Barbecue Shop RiceBox Celebrates One Year Anniversary.

By Kristie Hang 
Sep. 26, 2019

East West Lifestyle

Finding Your Way Home with “Abominable”

DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studio’s animated co-production arrives in theaters this fall.

By Melody Yuan 
Sep. 19, 2019

East West Lifestyle

Hang & Eat: Save Room for Desserts in San Gabriel Valley

Three new dessert shops in east Los Angeles to satisfy your sweet tooth.

By Kristie Hang 
Aug. 22, 2019

East West Lifestyle

Hang & Eat: Battle of the Hot Pots

Exploring Sichuan hot pot, the hottest new trend in Los Angeles.

By Kristie Hang 
Jul. 25, 2019

East West Lifestyle

How Millennials Can Ramp Up Their Savings

Millennials should be saving even when paying down debt.

By Ellen Chang 
Jul. 18, 2019

East West Lifestyle

“The Allure of Matter”: Bringing Contemporary China to Los Angeles

“The Allure of Matter” is the first major show of contemporary Chinese art in Los Angeles.

By Angela Bao 
Jul. 11, 2019

East West Lifestyle

Hang & Eat: Little Fatty’s Modern Take on Taiwanese Soul Food

Chef David Kuo’s spin on modern Taiwanese favorites in LA

By Kristie Hang 
Jul. 04, 2019

East West Lifestyle

Hang & Eat: A Carnivore’s Adventure Around the World at 7Fusion

Kristie Hang shares where to try exotic meats in Los Angeles.

By Kristie Hang 
May 23, 2019


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