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Agnes Lew’s A-List: The Perfect Gifts for the Holidays 2021

Agnes Lew shares her annual gift guide for the holidays to treat yourself and your loved ones.

By Agnes Lew 
Nov. 22, 2021

East West Lifestyle

Hang & Eat: Paradise Dynasty and Le Shrimp Ramen Bring a Taste of Singapore to SoCal

Singapore staples Paradise Dynasty and Le Shrimp Ramen make their US debut at South Coast Plaza’s upcoming Asian food hall, Collage.

By Kristie Hang 
Oct. 28, 2021

East West Lifestyle

The Academy Museum: Immortalizing Hollywood’s Film Industry

The Academy Museum is the largest institution in the U.S. dedicated to the art and science of filmmaking—here’s what visitors can expect when it opens September 30.

By Angela Bao 
Sep. 27, 2021

East West Lifestyle

Hang & Eat: Mooncakes for a New Generation of Foodies

This Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrate by eating and sharing these more modern takes on mooncakes.

By Kristie Hang 
Sep. 16, 2021

East West Lifestyle

China Pantry Recipes: Tender Red-Braised Pork Belly

A staple of Chinese cuisine, red-braised pork belly is a simple and straightforward dish that will make anyone’s mouth water.

By Clarissa Wei 
Aug. 26, 2021

East West Lifestyle

How to Get Your House Offer Accepted in this Red-Hot Market

Plan ahead to get your mortgage loan approved and land your dream home, even if you’re self-employed, a business owner, or recent immigrant.

By Daisy Lin 
Aug. 19, 2021

East West Lifestyle

Mills Morán: Redefining the Modern Art Fair

Entrepreneur and gallery owner Mills Morán talks about his vision for Felix LA, an innovative art fair that features Los Angeles artists and galleries at the Hollywood Roosevelt.

By Daisy Lin 
Jul. 26, 2021

East West Lifestyle

China Pantry Recipes: Quick Cold Sesame Noodles Perfect for Hot Summer Days

Whether paired with cucumber or shredded chicken, these cold sesame noodles are the best way to cool down.

By Clarissa Wei 
Jul. 22, 2021

East West Lifestyle

Agnes A List: Artist Interview with Dominique Fung

Agnes Lew interviews contemporary Chinese Canadian artist Dominique Fung.

By Agnes Lew 
Jul. 15, 2021


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