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For every friend or family member an existing East West Bank account holder successfully invites to open a qualifying account at East West bank, both the sender and the receiver will earn a $20 fee credit.1, 2, 3

Learn about Fee Credits

The screen in the East West Bank mobile app that allows users to invite friends to become account holders.

The Sender simply needs to complete the following steps:

  • Go to the Invite Friends page

    In the Mobile App tap "Invite your Friends" on the My Account page. 3, 9

    In Online Banking click "Invite your Friends" in the Settings menu. 3
  • Share your invitation code

    Use the Share your code feature to quickly and conveniently send your invitation code to friends and family.
The screen in the East West Bank mobile app that allows users to invite friends to become account holders.

The receiver simply needs to complete the following steps:

  • Apply for an Account

    Download the Mobile App or visit our website; enter the invitation code received; and apply to open an East West Bank checking or savings account. 3, 9
  • Fund the Account

    Make a deposit for the minimum opening amount within 60 days of account approval. 3, 5

Additional Terms and Conditions:

1 Referral Program Eligibility - The East West Bank Referral Program is available to East West Bank account holders who maintain an individually or jointly owned consumer account and are currently enrolled in our Online Banking platform. Additionally, from time to time, the Bank may also make the Referral Program available to select third-parties for the specific purpose of referring qualifying customers to East West Bank. For the purpose of this Referral Program, a $20 Fee Credit can only be earned by the qualifying East West Bank customer Sender and Receiver. Third-party, non-customer Senders are excluded from earning a Fee Credit. The Referral Program is subject to discontinuance at any time without prior notice.

2 Qualified Referral - To qualify for the Referral Program, the Receiver of the qualifying referral invite code must be an individual that meets East West Bank’s requirements for opening a consumer checking or savings account using our Mobile App or Online Banking service, and is currently not an East West Bank customer.

The referral invite code will be identified as qualifying for the Referral Program when the Receiver enters the code in the Mobile App or Online Banking service at the time they apply for an account. If a Referral Program qualification message is not displayed after the code has been entered, then the referral invite code does not qualify for the Referral Program.

3 Fee Credit Qualification Requirements - To earn a $20 Fee Credit for the qualifying Sender and the Receiver of the invite code, the Receiver must:

1) Use our Mobile App or Online Banking service to open an East West Bank checking or savings account,
2) Enter the qualifying invite code at the time of application, and
3) Fund the account with the required minimum opening deposit amount within 60 days of account opening

If the Receiver fails to complete any one the qualification requirements, or if the account is closed prior to meeting the qualification requirements, both the Sender and Receiver will not earn Fee Credits for the referral.

4 Fee Credits Program - Fee Credits earned under the Referral Program are subject to the terms and conditions of East West Bank’s Fee Credits Program. Please refer to the Fee Credits Program information page for complete details on the qualification and redemption requirements that govern Fee Credits. Learn More

5 Account Terms and Conditions – See the product specific terms and conditions received at account opening for additional details regarding the required funding amount, monthly maintenance fee and minimum balance requirements, and other important information.

Accounts not funded within 60 days of account opening are subject to automatic closure.

6 Product Availability – The availability of specific checking or savings account products may be limited based on your geographic location or mobile carrier country as determined by East West Bank at the time you access our Mobile App or start an application.

7 Maximum Referrals – The maximum number of account applications that can be submitted using the referral code of a single customer is 5,000. The maximum referral limit is subject to change by East West Bank, at our discretion, without prior notice.

8 Determination of Eligibility - Referral Program eligibility and qualification requirements, and the amount of Fee Credits earned by a customer under the Referral Program, will be determined solely by the records of East West Bank.

9 Mobile Carrier Fees – East West Bank does not charge for Mobile Banking. However, your mobile service provider may charge for sending and receiving text messages on your phone. Check with your service provider for details on specific fees and data charges that may apply.

10 East West Bank reserves the right to void referrals and rewards earned if we suspect that they were earned in a fraudulent manner, in a manner that violates these terms, or in a manner otherwise not intended by East West Bank. You agree that you will not participate in this Referral Program in a fraudulent, offensive, defamatory, or illegal manner.

By participating in the Referral Program, you agree that East West Bank will have no liability and that you will indemnify and hold East West Bank harmless for any claim, action, liability, loss, injury, or damage to you or any other person or entity due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by reason of your participation in the Referral Program.