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Additional Disclosures:

Fee Credits – Fee Credits may be earned by any customer that is qualified to participate in a Fee Credits Program or through special Bank offers or promotions that may periodically be made available to them; but Fee Credits can only be redeemed if the customer maintains an Eligible Account.

Earned Fee credits will be reflected in the mobile app within 1 business day after the customer and, as applicable, the customer they referred, meets all of the program or offer’s qualification requirements. The available Fee Credits balance, as reflected in the Mobile App, may be applied towards the redemption of a Qualified Service Fee.

Fee Credits have no cash value and may only be applied to the redemption of a Qualified Service Fee incurred on an Eligible Account in the past 30 days. Fee Credits may not be exchanged or transferred.

Eligible Accounts – Fee Credit redemption eligibility is limited to the customer’s individual and jointly owned consumer checking and savings accounts. Accounts must be open and in good-standing (e.g., no processing restrictions, etc.) with the Bank.

Customers will only be able to redeem earned Fee Credits if they maintain an Eligible Account.

Qualified Service Fees – Fee Credit redemptions are limited to the Qualified Service Fees charged to the customer’s Eligible Account within the past 30 days. Qualified Service Fees are subject to change, and currently include the following fees assessed by the Bank:

a) Incoming Wire Transfer fee

b) Outgoing Wire Transfer fee (international or domestic)

c) Alipay International Transfer fee

d) Monthly Account Maintenance Fee

e) Debit Card International Shipping Fee

f) Stop Payment Fee (customer issued checks)

g) ATM Usage Fees (charged to your account by us or a 3rd party)

Qualified Service Fees charged to your Eligible Account may not be immediately available for redemption. Service fees that are not able to be identified as a Qualified Service Fee, or Qualified Service Fees that have been previously reversed, refunded or redeemed, will not qualify for redemption.

Fee Credits Expiration – Fee Credits will automatically expire 12 calendar months after the date of issuance.

Fee Credits Forfeiture – Earned Fee Credits will be forfeited if the customer:

a) Does not redeem the Fee Credits before expiration;

b) Does not maintain an Eligible Account and/or does not incur any Qualified Services Fees before their earned Fee Credits expire;

c) Is no longer enrolled in our Online Banking Platform; or

d) No longer maintains a deposit account relationship with East West Bank.

Maximum Fee Credits Balance – The maximum Fee Credits balance that can be earned by a single customer will vary. From time to time and at our discretion, the Bank may make offers available that provide qualifying customers the opportunity to earn Fee Credits. Each offer will have specific terms and conditions that define the offer qualification requirements, and the number and/or dollar amount of Fee Credits that can be earned under that offer. See the terms and conditions of the specific offer for details.

Determination of Eligibility – Fee Credits Program eligibility and qualification requirements will be determined solely by the records of East West Bank, including but not limited to a customer’s eligibility for the Fee Credits Program and related offers, the amount of Fee Credits earned and available for use, and the determination of which fees are made available for redemption.

Fee Credits Program Availability - The Fee Credits Program is available only to East West Bank account holders who maintain an Eligible Account and are currently enrolled in our Online Banking platform. The Fee Credits Program is subject to discontinuance at any time, without prior notice.