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Teaching Students How To Spend Wisely

MAY 12, 2023

A few of our Southern California associates recently volunteered to present to middle school students about spending and banking in partnership with Financial Beginnings, a national organization that empowers youth and adults to take control of their financial futures.

From laying the foundation to understand the value of money, the role of banks to keep money safe, and the different ways to manage it, students at Roy Romer Middle School were able to engage and learn about the importance of managing their money and spending it wisely. They participated in discussions to understand the differences between a debit and credit card, practiced how to write a check and learned how opening a bank account at a financial institution can open doors to many other services.

Understanding how to manage your money and establish financial habits is important and should be taught and introduced at an early age to help individuals make informed financial decisions. Thank you to our volunteers who provided the financial knowledge to the students to take back to their families and incorporate it into their everyday life.