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NorCal and Texas Regions Build Stronger Foundations

MARCH 27, 2024

To kick-off volunteer month, our incredible teams in Northern California and Houston joined forces to build and repair homes for low-income residents with their local Habitat for Humanity.

In Houston, our dedicated volunteers collaborated with Houston Habitat for Humanity to help construct the frames for an upcoming affordable homebuilding project. They worked tirelessly to lay out the pieces, map out and assemble the frames. Meanwhile in Northern California, our team partnered with Greater San Fransisco Habitat for Humanity for the home preservation project. Our volunteers mapped out and installed a brand-new wooden fence with precise measurements and teamwork to help fix up a family’s backyard that had been impacted by severe weather.

Both events highlight the power of partnership and our commitment to revitalizing our local communities. We are grateful to our associates who put in their “sweat equity” to build a home and preserve another, making affordable housing a reality for two deserving families.