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Understanding the LIBOR Transition

This information is intended to inform East West Bank customers on the industry transition from LIBOR to an alternative benchmark interest rate. This change will impact most loans, leases, contracts, and swaps with LIBOR references that mature after the LIBOR cessation dates.

As of 11-30-2021

These FAQs are not intended to be comprehensive and material developments may have occurred since they were last updated. This document was first prepared prior to the date indicated above and may not have been updated to reflect recent market developments. It contains information on IBOR and benchmark reform that is intended for the use of East West Bank (“EWB”) clients only and it should not be shared with third parties. The information this document contains is general and does not constitute advice. EWB accepts no responsibility or liability to you with respect to the use of this document or its contents. If you have questions in relation to the contents of this document, you should consider seeking independent professional advice (legal, tax, accounting, financial or other) as appropriate.