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A East West Bank debit card using the tap-to-pay feature.

Tap and pay

No need to carry your card. Simply add your Visa® Debit Card to a digital wallet and make purchases in store, online or in app. It’s contactless, safe, and quick. 

A map of the world with global flight patterns highlighted.

Enjoy great acceptance worldwide

Wherever you travel, you can use your East West Bank Visa® Debit Card with confidence at many local merchants at home or abroad. 

A woman uses a debit card at an ATM.

Withdraw cash from ATMs1

The East West Bank Visa® Debit Card is accepted by merchants or ATMs displaying one or more of the following logos: Visa®, Plus®, STAR®, NYCE®, PULSE®, Interlink®, AllPoint®, or MoneyPass®.  Select the checking option when withdrawing cash at ATMs.

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1 There is no charge for using an East West Bank ATM. Non East West Bank ATM usage fees may be charged to your account at the request of the 3rd party operating the ATM. If you use your Debit Card to initiate an ATM transaction from your account, we will refund the ATM usage fees to your account each statement cycle. This waiver does not apply to any ATM NSF fees that are the result of your account being overdrawn by an ATM transaction.