Bringing HOPE Financial Literacy to Students



In partnership with the nonprofits Operation HOPE and The Love We Don't See, 20 EWB associates volunteered to teach financial literacy via a virtual Zoom workshop to over 74 fourth and fifth grade students from the low-to-moderate income area of Los Angeles. Over the course of 6 weekly virtual sessions, our volunteers covered topics ranging from financial dignity, budgeting, checking & savings, credit, and investments. Each session consisted of an introduction of the topic, a video, activities to reinforce the concept, and small group breakout discussion session with an EWB volunteer.

Operation HOPE's mission is to serve the working poor, the struggling class, and the teetering middle class through transforming communities by equipping people with the financial tools and training needed to lift themselves up and out of poverty, empowering them to realize their aspirations. We are proud to be a long-standing partner with Operation HOPE to bring invaluable financial literacy education to our community.