A Holiday Lesson about Money for Early Learners



Denise Louie Education Center has been providing a comprehensive, family-centered approach to early learning which meets the needs of low-income children and families in our community. They provide a range of services for children birth to 5 years old from home visits to preschool centers, all designed to prepare kids for kindergarten.

In continuing the bank’s partnership with Denise Louie Education Center Polly Reverman, Regional Marketing Officer, and Carrie Gan, VP-Community Partnership Manager, coordinated with bankers from each of the four Northwest Region branches to host virtual financial education events at three of the Denise Louie Education Center learning centers. At these events, EWB bank associates introduced young students (total of 64 students ranging from pre-school through Kindergarten from low-income families in the Seattle area) to USA currency via story time, video, and a virtual visit to learn about bank operations and the bank vault room.