Doug Krause Receives “Giraffe Award” for Supporting Micro Lending Programs



On behalf of the bank, our very own Doug Krause received the 2017-2018 Giraffe Award from the National Asian American Coalition (NAAC) at their recent 14th annual economic development conference.

NAAC’s Giraffe award is given to those who “stick their neck out” to support small business growth. East West Bank was the first bank to believe in the NAAC micro-lending program, and to date, helped NAAC build a pool of $750,000 solely available for micro-loans. So far, 43 of such loans have been given to micro businesses.

Doug also participated on a community development panel to share how the bank continues to innovate our CRA program to maximize impact.  During the conversation, he shed light on our many successful partnerships and investments, as well as provided insight on future opportunities for growth. The panelists included Jason Boehlert, Program Manager- Legislative and External Affairs for CDFI; Steven Sugarman, founder of Bank of California; and Alan Thian, CEO of Royal Business Bank.

Congratulations and many thanks to Doug for his continued commitment to nonprofit organizations and small business owners!