Houston Region Hosts Job Shadow Event for High School Students



On Friday, September 16, 2016, our Houston regional team members hosted Junior Achievement’s (JA) Job Shadow program for 25 high school students from the low- to moderate- income (LMI) community.

JA Job Shadow is an opportunity for middle and high school students to visit a company to gain valuable exposure to the company’s mission, values and available career opportunities. Participating students at the recent Houston area job shadow are all interested in a finance career and are part of the local high school’s honor society.

Over a half dozen Houston regional team members volunteered their time for JA Job Shadow. Houston’s Office Operations Manager Jewell Dillard kicked off the event by providing students with a tour of our commercial and retail branch, while helping the students understand the various department roles at our bank.

Following the tour, other bank volunteers shared about their career path, how they started with EWB and banking, as well as their college experience. Alex Chang, Spring Branch Manager, and Kham Vargas, Veterans Memorial Branch Manager, also gave a short presentation about student loans, managing money, the importance of credit score, and other financial tips.

The students also had an opportunity to ask questions and network with Houston team members Deane Zalesnik, James Chen, Richard Spicer, Artin Gorgorian, and Anne Le. In all, the event was an excellent opportunity to provide the students with real world knowledge and skills that can be used to help them in their future careers.

Many thanks to the Houston regional team for their participation and efforts in making the event a success. The bank is proud to inspire the next generation of banking leaders in the community through programs like JA Job Shadow.