Fed Reference Number

The Fed Reference Number is unique to each wire you send through the Federal Reserve. Once you receive the Fed Reference Number, you can be assured that your wire has been sent to its designated destination. With the new feature, you will be able to view and print your wire confirmation with the Fed Reference Number.

To view the Fed Reference Number on wires you have sent, just simply follow these directions:


Log into Business Bridge™


Click Funds Transfer from the menu at the top

Click Wire Transfers
Click Transfer Activity

This screen will list all your Wire Activity. Scroll to the bottom, and your “Sent Wires” will be displayed. To view the Wire Confirmation, click icon in the “Details” column. Your Wire Confirmation will include the Fed Reference Number. You can print this information for your record and retain it with your wire supporting documentation.

A sample Wire Confirmation is displayed below.


Remember to provide the Fed Reference Number when contacting the bank about your wire transfer.

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