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Insure Your Business Deposits with Us

Forgo the hassle of banking with multiple institutions, get additional FDIC insurance on your deposit with us today.

CDARS - Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service

We are a financial institution that provides the CDARS service to our customers.  With CDARS, customers can manage one banking relationship and earn one competitive rate on investments.

CDARS service is suitable for:

  • Businesseses with large amount of excess funds for CD investments 
  • Public Fund Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations
  • Individual 

Benefits with CDARS:

  • Safety of FDIC insurance for large deposits 
  • Funds are placed in FDIC-insured intuitions and total deposit of over $25,000 can be eligible for multi-million-dollar FDIC coverage

MMIDAS - Money Market Insured Deposit Account Service

We offer an insured business money market deposit program which helps to insure deposits up to millions of dollars. With MMIDAS, businesses will be able to enjoy expanded FDIC insurance protection without forgo the fund liquidity.

MMIDAS service is suitable for:

  • Businesses with excess funds but concerns with funds liquidity 
  • Public Fund Organizations
  • Non-Profit Organizations 

Benefits with MMIDAS:

  • Maximize FDIC insurance coverage for large account balance 
  • Earn East West competitive business money market interest rate
  • Reduce time needed to manage daily liquidty needs

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