US-China Business

Renewable Energy Business Charges Ahead Amidst Trade War

How US-China solar and renewable energy efforts keep innovating despite trade tariffs.

By Melody Yuan 
Oct. 11, 2018

US-China Business

US-China Market Watch: New Tariffs, Fan Bingbing, Jack Ma Retires

Your monthly roundup of the latest U.S.-China business and industry news.

By Angela Bao 
Oct. 01, 2018

US-China Business

Face Value: Future of Facial Recognition in US and China

From surveillance to retail, how AI and facial recognition are reshaping transactions.

By Casey Hynes 
Sep. 24, 2018

US-China Business

Social E-Commerce: Building Your Brand and Sales Among Asian Shoppers

Strategies in combining social media and online shopping for retail success in the U.S. and China.

By Melody Yuan 
Sep. 17, 2018

US-China Business

Top US-China Tech Stories You Might Have Missed

How technology is rapidly changing six industries and the world we live in.

By Yulia Idemenko 
Sep. 13, 2018

US-China Business

Declaration of Independent Films: China’s Arthouse Market

How China’s film industry is maturing, diversifying, and embracing arthouse films.

By Angela Bao 
Sep. 06, 2018

US-China Business

US-China Market Watch: Trade War, China EVs, Tencent Video Games

Your monthly roundup of the latest U.S.-China business and industry news

By Angela Bao 
Sep. 03, 2018

US-China Business

Belt and Road Initiative: Connecting the Economic Dots

Infrastructure and investment opportunities that businesses should consider in 2018 and beyond.

By Melody Yuan 
Aug. 20, 2018

US-China Business

Small but Mighty: The Conversion Power of Micro-influencers

Micro-influencers offer the most bang for the buck and can help you gain customers in the U.S. and China.

By Angela Bao 
Aug. 13, 2018


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