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Hang & Eat: Yang's Braised Chicken Rice, One Dish to Serve Them All

How the one-dish Chinese fast-food chain has swept the world with its braised chicken rice.

By Kristie Hang 
Jan. 30, 2020

East West Lifestyle

Sundance Ignite: Opening Doors for Creative Young Filmmakers

Sundance Film Festival’s unique fellows program brings new talent to the surface.

By Melody Yuan 
Jan. 27, 2020

East West Lifestyle

East West Masters Cuisine: In Conversation with Acclaimed Chefs

Five renowned chefs get together to showcase their exquisite culinary creations and talk food.

By Yulia Idemenko 
Jan. 23, 2020

East West Lifestyle

LIULI Gong Fang: The Lost Art of Crystal Sculpting

A former actress and an acclaimed director bring ancient Chinese craftsmanship to the modern day.

By Angela Bao 
Jan. 09, 2020

East West Lifestyle

Hang & Eat: Lucky Bird Hits Grand Central Market and Fuels LA’s Fried Chicken Craze

The historic Grand Central Market has a trendy twist with its newest food hall shop.

By Kristie Hang 
Dec. 26, 2019

East West Lifestyle

Friends In Deed: Helping People in Need

How a local Pasadena nonprofit provides compassion and preventative services to fight homelessness.

By Angela Bao 
Dec. 23, 2019

East West Lifestyle

Hang & Eat: An Authentic Taste of Italy in Los Angeles

Eataly is the largest Italian retail and dining experience in the world

By Kristie Hang 
Nov. 27, 2019

East West Lifestyle

The 2020 Census: 10 Minutes of Time Shapes 10 Years of Your Life

Find out how participating in the #2020Census by @uscensusbureau helps you and your #community and helps shape the next ten years of your life @ #ReachFurther

By Angela Bao 
Nov. 18, 2019

East West Lifestyle

Beyond K-Pop: Sharing Korean Language & Culture at King Sejong Institute Center

How a Korean language school makes a difference by emphasizing culture and camaraderie.

By Angela Bao 
Oct. 31, 2019


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