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Top US-China Tech Stories You Might Have Missed

September 13, 2018
Hand touching virtual display and using future technologies
Six stories on how digital-age technology is transforming our lives. (Photo credit): Pongparnit

How technology is rapidly changing six industries and the world we live in.

Technology is changing the world at a fast pace, making our lives easier than ever. In just a few short years, internet and mobile technology forever changed the way we communicate and get information. We no longer need to physically go to a restaurant—we can just order food through our phones. We no longer need to watch TV—we can stream content on our tablet. We no longer need to interact with people when we go shopping—we can just scan an item with our phones and skip the checkout lane. On a bigger level, the advances in medical technology create new ways to prolong and save our lives. Take a deeper look at how technology is monumentally transforming six different industries that impact the way we live in the following Reach Further stories.

1. Food Delivery

The global food delivery service industry is booming, as more and more people order food online or through mobile apps. In China alone, the food delivery market covers 1,300 cities and feeds 346 million consumers, and the revenue from food deliveries shows a projected annual growth rate of 16.9 percent. Additionally, many participating players are looking at emerging technologies, such as driverless delivery vehicles, that are bound to reshape the industry even more. Learn what unique new business opportunities lie in the growing food delivery market both in the U.S. and China at Food Delivery Services, a New Business Frontier.

A woman paying for the delivered pizza
The global food delivery service industry is booming. (Photo credit):

2. Medtech

Of all the industries where technology plays a crucial role, the medical industry comes out on top. The advances of modern technology improve the ability of healthcare professionals to detect diseases and treat patients accordingly, which could save countless lives. One of the companies that is revolutionizing the way patients are diagnosed and treated for diseases is Sofie Biosciences, which is utilizing breakthrough technologies to increase the accuracy and the efficiency of preclinical and clinical diagnostics. Learn about how this bioscience company is capitalizing on new medtech to expand globally and save lives at Business Opportunities in the New Age of Medicine.

Medical doctor touching virtual interface button of healthcare application
Medtech market and the business opportunities it presents. (Photo credit): Pongparnit

3. Human Resources

Artificial intelligence (AI), no doubt, is changing the way we live and work. On the work front, artificial intelligence is not only creating new career opportunities, but also reshaping the way companies manage their human resources and achieve organizational agility. The AI platforms help leaders overcome bias when it comes to recruitment, provide personalized learning with onboarding and ongoing employee training, and help conduct fair performance reviews. Learn how AI is transforming HR departments, and how companies can use artificial intelligence to better recruit and train their workforce at How AI Can Help Build Better Teams.

Multiethnic HR team using AI
AI helps leaders build better, more agile work teams. (Photo credit): is my life

4. Retail

The New Retail, a term coined by Alibaba founder Jack Ma, is a concept that defines the future of commerce, where product innovation, consumer acquisition, customer service, merchandising, payments, and logistics are all digitized. Nowhere is it coming alive faster than in China, where more and more stores use a blend of online and offline presence (also known as O2O commerce), have no cashiers, no checkout lanes, and have super-speedy deliveries. Learn about how technology is changing retail, and how e-commerce giant Alibaba seeks to tap into China’s $4.9 trillion retail market and transform it digitally at China Embraces New Retail.

Two Chinese girls at a mall taking photo of a bag they saw in a shop window
The New Retail is going to transform China's $4.9 trillion retail sector. (Photo credit):

5. Robotics

China is experiencing a robotics revolution, as it buys and builds robots faster than any other nation. In 2016, China installed 87,000 new industrial robots, with about a third produced by Chinese manufacturers. That figure is expected to continue to grow annually up to 20 percent between 2018 and 2020. Backed by governmental support and investments into industrial robots and new automation centers, China is set to become one of the leading global markets for robotics. Learn about the key drivers, challenges and opportunities in the fast-growing robotics industry at Long March of the Machines.

Robot thinking
China's robotics revolution is in full swing. (Photo credit):

6. Entertainment

Throughout history, the entertainment industry has been no stranger to adopting new technologies. With the decline of television-watching and the rise in popularity of digital streaming platforms, tech currently has an edge over traditional entertainment forms. It’s no wonder that film and entertainment companies are increasingly relying on and even partnering with tech—especially big data—to remain competitive and make more strategic and forward-thinking deals. Learn about what’s in store for Hollywood, as it intersects with tech and pushes global innovation at Big Data Hollywood: How New Tech Supercharges Content.

Big Data text on computer monitor in an office
Technology is accelerating Hollywood. (Photo credit): Diaz Melendrez/EyeEm

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