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Kitty Chen, senior vice president and director of consumer and business banking at East West Bank

Bull Session

Kitty Chen: The Little Lady with Many Questions

East West Bank’s consumer and business banking executive shares what she thinks success looks like.

By Melody Yuan
 Jul. 08, 2019
Assortment of dishes from Little Fatty

East West Lifestyle

Hang & Eat: Little Fatty’s Modern Take on Taiwanese Soul Food

Chef David Kuo’s spin on modern Taiwanese favorites in LA

By Kristie Hang
 Jul. 04, 2019
G20 summit

US-China Business

US-China Market Watch: G20 Talks, 5G Race, Hollywood-China

Your monthly roundup of the latest US-China business and industry new.

By Angela Bao
 Jul. 01, 2019
Dominic Ng, Chairman and CEO of East West Bank

US-China Business

Dominic's Take: Targeting Chinese Students and Entrepreneurs in the U.S. is the Wrong Way to Battle Beijing

The targeting of students and professionals based on Chinese origin is damaging to U.S. competitiveness.

By Dominic Ng
 Jun. 27, 2019
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Business people working with brain and virtual screen connecting with cloud technology

US-China Business

Opportunities and Trends in the US-China Cloud Computing Market

The race to meet growing demand for cloud-based infrastructure and services.

By Melody Yuan
 Jun. 24, 2019
Lan Ong, managing director of Wing Hop Fung

Entrepreneur Insight

A New Generation Takes Traditional Herb Shop Wing Hop Fung to the Next Level

How the SBA 504 loan helped the Ong family expand their herb and tea empire.

By Melody Yuan
 Jun. 20, 2019
Kevin Bull, an American Ninja Warrior and a general manager of Dojoboom

Entrepreneur Insight

Streamline Your Company’s Payment System Like an American Ninja

How integrated payables systems help businesses efficiently manage payroll systems and expenses.

By Melody Yuan
 Jun. 17, 2019

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