Bull Session

Elaine Chin: Digital’s Impact on Hollywood-China Entertainment

How blockbusters and digital platforms are changing Hollywood’s relationship with China.

By Angela Bao 
Jan. 25, 2018

Bull Session

Rob Cohen: The Fast and Furious Movie Business

The creator of “The Fast and the Furious” shares his favorite things about making movies.

By Angela Bao 
Jan. 11, 2018


Lights, Camera, Approval – China’s New Film Law

What China's new film law means for movie makers.

By Daniel Allen 
Jan. 09, 2017

US-China Business

The Future of Content: US and China Shift the Paradigm

Co-production trends, online streaming and the new age of storytelling.

By Melody Yuan 
Jan. 08, 2018


Top Trending US-China Tech and Entertainment Stories

Catch up on the latest news in Hollywood and tech.

By Yulia Idemenko 
Nov. 02, 2017

US-China Business

How Hollywood Can Still Capitalize on the Chinese Market

East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng pinpoints future opportunities for Hollywood-China cooperation.

By Dominic Ng 
Oct. 30, 2017


What It’s Really Like to Work in China’s Film Industry

Cultural insights into China’s film industry from those working on the front lines.

By Angela Bao 
Sep. 21, 2017


How to Gamify Your E-commerce Business and Engage Customers

You need to keep shoppers playing the game if you want to win in e-commerce.

By Angela Bao 
Jul. 20, 2017


Augmented Reality: Business Opportunities in the Real World

From drones to apps: How augmented reality (AR) is an effective tool across industries.

By Melody Yuan 
Jun. 26, 2017


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