US-China Business

China’s Millennials: A Global Travel Force

Chinese millennials are driving a global travel boon—here’s how you can reel them in.

By Angela Bao 
Dec. 21, 2017


What It’s Really Like to Work in China’s Film Industry

Cultural insights into China’s film industry from those working on the front lines.

By Angela Bao 
Sep. 21, 2017


Entertainment Finance: Where Will the Money Come From?

Film financing is increasingly fragmented. What is the future of securing funding?

By Melody Yuan 
May 22, 2017

US-China Business

Towards a More Sustainable U.S.-China Fashion Industry

Fashion entrepreneurs explore ways to source sustainably made materials from China.

By Angela Bao 
May 11, 2017

US-China Business

Leading the Charge: China’s Electric Vehicle Market

China's burgeoning electric vehicle market offers risks and rewards.

By Daniel Allen 
May 01, 2017

East West Lifestyle

Best Loans for Millennials Buying a First Home

Working with lenders to identify the best type of home loan to take out is crucial.

By Maya Dollarhide 
Apr. 17, 2017

US-China Business

Trump and Xi: Seize the Next 100 Days

East West Bank CEO Dominic Ng urges both sides to capitalize on bilateral opportunities.

By Dominic Ng 
Apr. 13, 2017


Playing in the New Age of Toys and Technology

How a traditional toy company is finding ways to reinvent play.

By Melody Yuan 
Apr. 03, 2017

US-China Business

6 Trending US-China Tech Stories You Should Know

Keep up with the latest in tech before the next innovations hit big.

By Zosimo Quibilan
Mar. 30, 2017


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