Chip Cards

Enhanced Card Security

Offering you improved fraud protection with a new card and new way to pay.

Chip Technology Helps Protect Your Card

Your new East West Bank Visa® Debit Card with chip technology provides an extra layer of security against counterfeit fraud when used at a chip-enabled terminal or ATM. When purchases are made using the chip feature, a unique security code is generated to validate the transaction. This makes it extremely difficult to duplicate or copy cardholder information, further protecting your card from unauthorized use.

Enjoy Great Acceptance Worldwide

Chip technology is already in use throughout Asia, Europe, Canada, Mexico, and South America, and is now becoming the security standard here in the U.S. With an increasing number of local merchants already using chip-enabled terminals, you can use your East West Bank Visa Debit Card with confidence at home and abroad.

Chip Cards Rolling Out Soon

There’s no need to request a new East West Bank chip card. Your Visa Debit Card will automatically be replaced with the new East West Bank chip card on or before your next renewal date. There will be no change to your accessibility, limits, or any other benefits.

Paying with an East West Bank Chip Card

You will notice the chip card payment process is slightly different. While all chip-enabled terminals may not look the same, the process is nearly identical.

Here's how the chip-enabled card reader works:

1. Insert your card

Insert your card into the terminal with the chip side first, facing up.  Leave your card in the terminal while the transaction is being processed.

2. Enter PIN or Sign

Follow the prompts on the terminal and either enter your PIN or provide your signature as instructed.

3. Retrieve Card

Always remember to take your card when your transaction is complete.

Paying with a Magnetic Stripe

No worries if a merchant does not have a chip-enabled terminal! Your card still has a magnetic stripe for use at traditional card readers. Simply swipe your card the same way you do today.

Paying with a Chip Card Online or Over the Phone

When making an online or over-the-phone payment, provide your card information as you normally would do today.

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