We care about helping your customers as much as you do.

Why Become a Preferred Partner?

We have the strength to "out-national" the local banks and the commitment to customer service to "out-local" the national banks.

The management team at East West Bank Professional Practice Solutions has a wealth of experience working with professional practices, and understands that taking care of its Preferred Partners is as important as taking care of the borrowers themselves.

Becoming a Preferred Partner with East West Bank Practice Solutions means partnering with one of the strongest banks in the country. The leaders of East West Bank are known for their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to a strong business model and most importantly, providing a suite of financial products for the customer's every need. We know what they need and we are skilled at finding ways to improve their financial position.

  • Work with a leader in the banking and finance industry
  • Experienced team of qualified professionals
  • Promotion on our website
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Trade show support
  • Priority turnaround times for Preferred Partners
  • Personal service with a national presence