Make a smarter, smoother transition.

The ability to adapt is critical in today's professional practice climate. If your facilities are limiting your practice's potential for greater production, you may be seriously considering expanding your practice. Maybe you need to invest in more advanced technology, a larger office space or simply a better location. Whatever your motivation, careful planning is essential if you want to successfully expand your reach.

The Professional Practice team at East West Bank can help you navigate the logistical and financial considerations of a practice expansion. We have the experience and industry expertise to customize a flexible financing solution for you that maximizes cash flow and puts you in a better position to mitigate disruptions to the operation of the practice. Our goal as a financial partner is to help provide the vision and firm footing you'll need for a smooth and successful transition.

  • Competitive, fixed rates for up to 15 years
  • 20-year amortizations for loans over $750,000
  • 100% project financing
  • Financing for equipment, cabinetry, furniture, fixtures and supplies
  • Financing for renovations and construction
  • Financing for architecture, design and management consulting fees
  • Enrollment in Practice Advantage Program
  • Emergency assistance protection
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