A powerful combination of products and
services for every stage of your journey.

Starting or Buying Your Business

Ready to start a new practice? Fund new equipment and tenant improvements with working capital for other costs associated with starting up a new practice.

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Finance office renovations and construction, including equipment, cabinetry, fixtures and other costs associated with expanding your practice.

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Get the financial backing you need to purchase an existing practice in whole or as an equity partner or shareholder.

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Growing Your Business
    Stay current by investing in the latest equipment and technology. Includes funding for equipment, installation, training and supplies.

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    Finance a merger between your practice and another to increase market share and practice resources while streamlining practice operations.

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    Get the financial leverage you'll need for buying into or out of an existing practice.

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    Finance renovation and construction for your practice, including equipment, cabinetry, fixtures and other costs associated with remodeling your practice.

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    Add additional working capital to make sure you have the resources and flexibility you need to continue growing your practice at key times.

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    Benefit from objective insights and coaching to help you realize the full potential of your practice.

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Planning Your Retirement

Refinance to consolidate debt, reduce monthly payments or improve cash flow.

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Fund the relocation of your practice to accommodate more patients, provide additional services or upgrade to a more productive environment.

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Ready to retire? Use a retirement bridge loan to help ensure that the transition out of your practice is smooth.

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Our Promise

A financial relationship that’s built to last.

The entire Professional Practice team at East West Bank strives to be an indispensable financial partner every step of the way. Whether you're looking to acquire your first practice, expand and purchase new equipment or sell your practice upon retirement, you need a financial partner who understands how to customize lending solutions that work specifically for you. Rely on our unmatched combination of professional practice experience, expertise and a suite of financing products when you're ready to take the next step in your career.

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