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East West Bank respects the wishes of our customers who choose not to receive telemarketing calls. Although the telephone is an important method of communicating with our customers, East West Bank maintains an internal “do-not-call” list for those customers who do not want to receive telemarketing calls from the Bank.

An existing customer may request to be included on the Bank’s internal “do-not-call” list by one of the following methods:
Writing a letter to East West Bank at:
  > East West Bank
  > 9300 Flair Drive, 4th Floor
  > El Monte, CA  91731
  > Attn: Customer Service Center – Telemarketing
Calling our customer service center at:
  > (888) 895-5650

The request must include the following information for each individual customer requesting to be included on the Bank’s “do-not-call” list:  

Bank Account Number and/or Social Security Number
10-digit residential telephone number to include on the Bank’s “do-not-call” list.

Your name and phone number will be added to East West Bank’s internal “do-not-call” list within thirty (30) days of receipt of your request, and will be maintained on the list for a minimum of five (5) years unless you request to have your number removed.  If your phone number changes, you must submit another request in accordance with the instructions listed above to ensure that your new number is included on the list.  Inclusion on East West Bank’s internal “do-not-call” list does not prevent the Bank or our employees from calling you for account service related issues and for other non-marketing purposes.  Additionally, it does not prevent the Bank from continuing to provide marketing information in your regular account mailings and statements, including online and ATM communications.


East West Bank, when applicable, also utilizes the Federal Trade Commission’s national “do-not-call” registry and any state “do-not-call” lists in the manner required by state and federal laws that apply to us.  Please note, even if you have already registered your name on a federal or state “do-not-call” registry, customers must also request to be included on the Bank’s internal “do-not-call” list in order not to receive telemarketing calls from us.


It is East West Bank’s policy to comply with all federal and state laws as they apply to telemarketing activities.  If you should have any questions or concerns regarding the Bank’s “do-not-call” policy please do not hesitate to contact us at: (888) 895-5650.


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