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Chinese renminbi Linked-CD

Greater China Index CD

FDIC Insured

East West Bank is pleased to be the first bank in California to
offer a unique certificate of deposit with an interest rate linked to
the performance of the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index.*
The offer was valid from October 10, 2007 through
November 30, 2007. Receive the upside potential of stock
market returns with guaranteed principal protection.**
This page provides quarterly updates on the performance of
the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index.
Interest rate of return will vary. Interest is calculated and
paid upon maturity.
Click on the "Issuance Date" of your Greater China Index CD to
display the terms applicable to your account offering:

Please note: Product no longer available. The information provided below is for informational purposes only for our current CD Holders.
Issue date December 6, 2007
Issue date November 18, 2004
Calculate Your Investment Return
Minimum Opening Balance
  $5,000 with no maximum
  5 years
Choose from two options:
Option I
* 1% minimum guarantee
* Participation Level at 70.00%
* Disclosure click here
Option II
* No minimum guarantee
* Participation Level at 90.00%
* Disclosure click here
For additional information, please click here.


  • 12/06/2007 HSCEI Value 17,790.00
  • 03/06/2008 HSCEI Value 13,065.90
  • 06/06/2008 HSCEI Value 13,513.20
  • 09/08/2008 HSCEI Value 11,136.30
  • 12/08/2008 HSCEI Value 8,137.45
  • 03/06/2009 HSCEI Value 6,785.47
  • 06/08/2009 HSCEI Value 10,667.90
  • 09/07/2009 HSCEI Value 11,979.20
  • 12/07/2009 HSCEI Value 13,358.30
  • 03/08/2010 HSCEI Value 12,202.80
  • 06/07/2010 HSCEI Value 11,093.50
  • 09/06/2010 HSCEI Value 11,960.60
  • 12/06/2010 HSCEI Value 12,804.80
  • 03/07/2011 HSCEI Value 12,820.80
  • 06/07/2011 HSCEI Value 12,721.50
  • 09/06/2011 HSCEI Value 10,347.00
  • 12/06/2011 HSCEI Value 10,258.50
  • 03/06/2012 HSCEI Value 11,119.20
  • 06/06/2012 HSCEI Value 9438.03
  • 09/06/2012 HSCEI Value 9069.39
  • 12/06/2012 HSCEI Value 10,865.10
    * All principal is held in an East West Bank Certificate of Deposit Account and FDIC Insurance coverage rules will apply. FDIC Insurance does not guarantee a return from the performance of the Hang Seng Index. There may be a penalty for early withdrawal. These penalties are subject to market value. You may receive less than your original principal deposit if you redeem your certificate of deposit prior to maturity. Account holders will generally be required to report taxable interest income each year that the CD is held. The above offer is not available for retirement accounts. The Greater China Investment Index CD certificates of deposit linked to the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index are solely the obligations of East West Bank.
    ** The Hang Seng China Enterprises Index is managed and compiled by HSI Services Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hang Seng Bank. Neither HSI Services Limited, nor Hang Seng Bank is affiliated with East West Bank or the Greater China Investment Index CD.
    Corporate Office: 135 North Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101

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