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An ever-increasing number of companies in today's global economy must pay (or receive payment) in foreign currencies. However, conducting business successfully in foreign currencies can be difficult. Managing market risk and foreign exchange exposure is imperative to maintain competitiveness and efficiency overseas.

At East West Bank, we provide foreign exchange (FX) solutions to businesses for payments, risk management, and cash management. The foreign exchange specialists at the FX Desk consult with customers to understand their businesses, identify their foreign exchange exposures and customize solutions to minimize their risk
in foreign markets.

We also provide services to individuals to meet their personal investment, payment, and travel needs. Our foreign currency CD makes it easy for customers to add foreign currencies to their investment portfolios. We offer remittance service to China, as well as foreign currency notes in over 30 currencies.

Payments and Collections

Our wire and remittance services enable customers to make and receive international payments more cost-effectively. We currently quote more than 30 currencies. Click above for more information on outgoing wires, incoming wires, and remittances.

Risk Management
Our FX specialists develop hedging strategies in consultation with individual customers. We offer several different types of FX contracts to fit our customers diverse needs. Click above for an overview of our risk management product offerings.
Foreign Currency Accounts
Commercial and individual clients can take advantage of our foreign currency accounts to maintain balances in foreign currencies. Click above for more information on our foreign currency demand account (FCDDA) and foreign currency certificate of deposit (FXCD).

If you have any questions, please call our Foreign Exchange Desk at (888) 819-8883.

Resources: The FX Desk compiles a daily update on international markets, uploaded each day at 8:00 A.M.

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