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This Gift Card Agreement and User Guide (this "Agreement") is the terms and conditions that govern our issuance and your use of the enclosed Visa® Gift Card ("Card"). By purchasing, signing, or using the Card, or authorizing another person to use the Card, you agree to the terms and conditions in this Agreement. Please read this Agreement carefully and keep it for your records. In this Agreement, "you" and "your" mean: (a) the person to whom we issue the Card; (b) the person receiving the Card; and (c) the person using the Card. The terms "we," "us," and "our," mean East West Bank, and its successors, agents, and assigns.


About Your Gift Card

Your gift card can be used to make purchases anywhere Visa debit cards are welcome. Your Card is a prepaid, non-reloadable debit card. You have received the Card with a U.S. Dollar amount fixed at the time of purchase. Unless we otherwise agree, a Card may be purchased with a minimum value of $25.00 and a maximum value of $1,000.00. You acknowledge and agree that the amount available on the Card is limited to the prepaid U.S. Dollar value fixed at the time of purchase. The Card is not a credit card nor an automated teller machine card. The prepaid value is not an account and is not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other federal or state agency. You have no separate, distinct deposit account established for you with us that is associated with the Card. Your Card's prepaid value cannot be increased after the Card is issued or replaced after the value is used. The prepaid value will decrease as you use the Card, or you incur, or we assess, a fee or charge. We do not pay interest on the balance on your Card. The Card is our property and we reserve the right to cancel, repossess, or revoke its use at any time without prior notice, subject to applicable law. If you permit someone else to use your Card, we will treat this use as if you have authorized that person to use your Card and you will be responsible for any transactions initiated by such person with your Card, with or without your knowledge. Purchases of Cards are final, and resale of Cards is strictly prohibited.


Before Using Your Gift Card

Before using your Card, you must sign your signature on the back where indicated. Once the Card is signed, it cannot be transferred to anyone else. Write down the Card number, Card expiration date, and the Customer Service number (800) 627-2140 on the card carrier (accompanying your Card) or on a separate piece of paper. In the event the Card is lost, stolen, or destroyed, this information may be required. Your Card and PIN are activated in the Branch as they are issued to you, and the value of the Card will be available for immediate use.

If you have purchased the Card as a gift, inform your recipient of the Card PIN and provide recipient with all of the materials you received with the Card at the time of purchase. The materials should include this Agreement, which will help your recipient understand how to best use the Card. The recipient should also record the Card number, Card expiration date, and the Customer Service number (800) 627-2140 on a separate piece of paper.


NOTE: A copy of this Agreement should be provided to the "Card Purchaser/East West Bank Customer" upon Gift Card purchase and to the "Cardholder/Gift Recipient" as an accompaniment to the Gift Card.

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