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Business Banking - Trustee Deposit Services


East West Bank understands the complexities of bankruptcy estate banking and can provide you with the unique solutions and support you will need to manage your fiduciary banking requirements. Functioning as a Chapter 7 Trustee comes with a very specific set of banking needs that East West Bank industry experts can make much easier.

East West Bank Trustee Deposit Services provides:

  • Superior Financial Strength national recognition as the 6th best bank in the United States by Forbes Magazine in 2012.
  • Market Expertise Trustee Deposit Services team of dedicated industry professionals that have worked with Chapter 7 Trustees for over 25 years.
  • Private Banking Level of Service knowledgeable and responsive relationship managers who understand the unique requirements of bankruptcy professionals and offer banking products and services you need to manage your bankruptcy estates.
  • Competitive Pricing assessed solely on account activity and product usage, where all fees are fully detailed and transparent for presentment to the bankruptcy court and the U.S. Trustee.
  • Earnings Credit defrays a portion of servicing fees applied to all estate balances.
  • Authorized Depository for all regions nationwide with adherence to all reporting requirements.

We are committed to win-win relationships and the provision of unparalleled service.

Call today for a no obligation, comparative price analysis to learn how you can build the bridge between your fiduciary case management needs and dedicated industry bankers.

Victor Owens
Senior Vice President & Senior Director
Treasury Management & Specialty Deposit Services
(626) 768-6933

Jill Bauer
Senior Vice President
Specialty Deposit Services
(314) 846-1099

Katrina McLean
Senior Vice President & Industry Manager
Specialty Deposit Services
(626) 768-6713

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