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BUSINESS BANKING - Treasury Management Services

Lockbox Services

Improve receivables management with our image-enabled Lockbox Service

Are you looking for a solution that will maximize availability, reduce float, speed up collections, and streamline your payment and remittance processing? East West Bank’s Lockbox Service has the solution that meets your business needs: Automated Wholesale Lockbox, Retail Lockbox, Wholetail Lockbox or EZ Lockbox.

Our Lockbox Service has state-of–the-art web based image capabilities powered by cutting edge technologies such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that reduces manual intervention. Our technology allows for same day access to images and deposit information and promptly and accurately updates accounts receivable.

Image Capabilities

Our lockboxes provide images of checks, remittance documents, correspondence and envelopes. Documents are re-associated with check images. Images can be retrieved and viewed online or provided on a daily, weekly or monthly CD ROM.

How Lockbox Services Work

  • Simply instruct your customers to mail their remittances directly to the lockbox location closest to them.
  • We collect mail at multiple times throughout the day.
  • Using high speed extraction and image technology, we open, sort, capture, image and deposit payments.
  • We reduce float by processing checks received before 4 pm PT that day.
  • If desired, we will capture and transmit your critical receivable information.

Lockbox Types

Let our Treasury Management Professional help you with designing a system that meets your business needs and is compatible with your accounts receivable operation. We work with you to select the lockbox type that best meets your needs, help you select a lockbox site that is near your customer base, develop implementation specification, and open a lockbox.

Wholesale Lockbox - for Business-to-Business Payments

  • A processing solution designed for businesses that receive high dollar, low volume payments. Business typically has detailed processing requirements, may need a file transmission and has monthly volumes between 5,000 – 50,000 items.

Retail Lockbox - for Consumer-to-Business Payments

  • A processing solution designed for businesses that receive small dollar, high volume payments and have standardized payment coupons that are OCR scannable for data capture. Monthly volumes are greater than 15,000 items.

Wholetail Lockbox - for a mix of Consumer-to-Business and Business-to-Business Payments

  • A processing solution designed for businesses that receive a mix of wholesale and retail payments. Remittances are a mix of OCR scannable and non-scannable documents. Monthly volumes are between 5,000 – 50,000 items.

EZ Lockbox - for Business-to-Business Payments

  • A low-cost processing solution designed for businesses for which float and availability are not primary concerns. Monthly volumes are less than 100 items.
Processing Sites - East West Bank’s lockbox sites are conveniently located in four major metropolitan cities.

  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Pittsburgh
For more information about the benefits of East West Bank’s Lockbox Services, please call your Treasury Management Sales Consultant at (888) 761-3967 or email us at

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