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RSA Go IDSM Activation Instructions

The security of your financial transactions is of great importance to East West Bank. With the increase in Internet fraud attempts, your security becomes even more important. To ensure your transaction activity is secure, we have implemented an additional layer of verification of who you are. This is known in the banking industry as multifactor authentication and has been mandated by the agencies that examine financial institutions.
We are providing to you, at no cost, a Go ID authentication device (token) that must be used when releasing wire transfers or ACH batches from businessBridgePlus®. As an additional option, you may set up Go ID verification at login. Once Go ID authentication is set up, you will not be able to release wire transfers or ACH batches without it.
You have the option of using either the browser-based device or the hand-held device. If you choose the hand-held device, you must notify us in advance and allow 3 weeks for delivery. Below are some guidelines for determining which is best for you:
Hand-held device is best when:
  • You travel and need to release transactions from places outside your office
  • You use different computers to release transactions
    Browser-based device is best when:
  • You normally release transactions from your regular place of business
  • You use the same computer to release transactions
    Click here to go to the Go ID Token activation page.
    Click here for instructions in English and Chinese.
    Click here for Frequently Asked Question in English and Chinese.
    You will need to do the following in order to activate the device:
    Click here to go to the Go ID Token activation page.
    Fill in the required fields.
  • Activation code is "EastWest"
  • Password is the six (6) digit numeric display visible on the Go ID token.
  • The numeric display changes every 60 seconds.
  • The password for the Activation screen IS NOT your businessBridgePlus password.
    Users cannot release wires or ACH batches without the Go ID Token.
    If the hand-held Go ID device should fail, it must be returned to East West Bank for replacement at no charge. A replacement fee of $40.00 will be charged to your account for the Go ID hand-held device due to loss, theft, damage or destruction.
    Sample Activation Screen Shot for Go ID Tokens
    Company Name: ABC Block Company, Inc.
    User Name: Jane Doe
    Organization ID: ABCBLOCKCO
    User ID: Jane Doe

    If you have any questions about RSA Go IDSM Activation Instructions, please email us at or call (888) 761-3967.

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